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How to store breast milk?

Issue Time: 2017-11-21 16:43:49

First step, prepare breast pump and milk storage appliance.

Breast pumps and milk storage appliance are best made of plastic products which are suitable for freezing and well-sealed. Glass and metal products will make the active factor in breast milk adsorbed on it, reduce the nutrients that are ultimately given to your baby's breast milk, so try not use such products.          

Second step, milk and suck milk.

Milking is a very important step, mothers can choose to hand-milk during working hours. Find a comfortable chair, sit down and lean forward slightly,attach the breast pump bell mouth and  petal massage pad to breast, press the handle gently, pump quickly 5 or 6 times to gently stimulate the breast to produce milk.Generally, it takes 10 minutes to aspirate 60-120 ml of milk. Even if busy, mother must ensure sucking milk evrey three hours, which can effectively prevent the reduction of milk and milk production, so that breastfeeding can be better to continue.

Third step,store breast milk.
The extracted milk should be sealed immediately,then refrigerated or frozen in the refrigerator. Milk storage bags can be used to keep breast milk. After breastshrinking, remove the breast pump, screw on the leak-proof lid, and label the date and capacity.

Fourth step, thaw stored breast milk.
Stored breast milk can only be refrigerated for 48 hours and can be stored for 3 months in the freezer Before the baby drinks, the frozen milk should be thawed at room temperature or in forty degrees warm water.

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