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Is breast pump necessary?

Issue Time: 2017-11-21 16:43:13

Talking about the preparation for delivery package, many mothers will put breast pump into them. But will breast pumps really be used? Some people say that the breast pump is used twice or twice during lactation,while others say that they have to rely on the breast pump every day to help.Next, we may wish to learn more about "breast pump".

The benefits of breast pump
First, it prevents mastitis.Breasts of milk-rich mothers often swell, and breast pump can help them to suck up the breast, which helps prevent mastitis.Furthermore, you can clear the breast, milk as early as possible, so that your baby drink delicious milk earlier, and it helps babies wean in the future.

Three kinds of mothers recommended the use of breast pump

1. Employed mothers. Employed mothers have four months of maternity leave, which means that after giving birth two or three months they will have to go back to the post.For these nursing mothers, breast pump is essential.
2. Sick mothers.If the new mother is sick, needs medication or hospitalization, need stop breastfeeding her baby for a short period of time. At this point breast pump can help suck the milk, in order to ensure the normal secretion of milk.After physical recovery, the mother can continue to feed her baby.
3. Nipple retracted mothers. These mothers nipples retract, which makes babies hard to suck  breast milk.But they can suck breast milk through the breast pump, and then go on to breast-feed.

Purchase advice for breast pump

How to choose a suitable breast pump?This is mainly related to the frequency of use and the time it takes.For white-collar mothers, usually busy with work, it is difficult to have time to breast-feed, then the best choice for them should be fully automatic breast pump, milk can be absorbed at the same time on both sides of the breast, fast and good.If the frequency of use is not high,for example some mothers just go out once in a while, and need family to take care of and feed the baby, then it is enough to buy a manual breast pump for these mothers.

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