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How to suck milk

Issue Time: 2017-11-20 14:59:15

⒈ choose a leisure time you will not be disturbed;
⒉ let your baby lie on your side, or put a picture of the baby around, this will help my mother relax breast pump;
热 Use a hot towel to heat your breasts for a few minutes before breast-feeding, which helps milk flow out and relieves pain;
⒋ gentle and relaxed state is conducive to the outflow of milk, you can try to suck milk after bathing;
⒌ When your baby is breastfeeding, use a breast pump on the other side of the breast, or use your breast pump to suck milk after your baby finishes eating;
⒍ Breast pump can often change the position on the breast to stimulate the breast;
⒎ Practice using a breast pump until you find the most suitable way, but stop using your breast pump and consult your doctor immediately.
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